What is SWOT ?
SWOT Template
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective.
In my sample SWOT analysis , I have done a simple SWOT analysis as a SWOT template for a Educational Institution , this analysis includes the other study parts like organization and department study but in this section I prepare SWOT for you .
This institution has two branch in city with 8 years experience , the main educational services are computer , networking and certification and these types of education . The main vision is the expansion and finding new markets for this institution .
We start with Internal factors then continue with External factors and finally based on the vision and importance of factors then will see  some useful strategies .Please assume that you are managing this institution and it is a sample analysis .

Internal Factors 
Internal factors are main characteristic of business or organization , the real and original characteristics.

1.A good structure for laboratory and facilities (  expansion )
2.Quality assurance of courses through with result of certification exam.
3.Up-to-date facilities and infrastructure like laboratories, teaching aids, networked computers.
4.Eight years of proven experience in professional level education and training with growing emphasis on new technology and consultancy activities to further enhance quality of teaching and training.
5.Experienced proficiency and support staff
6.Placement service with corporation .

1.Heavy dependence on part-time lecturers in some Faculties. 
2.Inadequate library facilities
3.Little emphasis given to the recruitment of international students.
4.Lack of land for future expansion of the campus. 

External Factors 
In simple words these factors are not under control but they have good and bad impact on you. 

1. Exploitation of multi-lingual assets to become a regional multi-lingual center in city for computer education.
2.Diversification of sources of revenue through better exploitation of consultancy and e-learning facilities .
3.Strategic alliances and partnerships with international institutions  for offering more professional courses.
4.Strategic alliances with national institutions.
5.Use of distance education, flexible learning and adoption of new information and communications technologies to increase access.


1.Technology changes that effects the  future growth and productivity.
 2.Free IT education within the context of increasing trends of web learning.
3. Growth of providers of computer education institutions.
4. Absence of an effective national regulatory framework for accreditation of certification.
 5.Experienced staff leaving for better conditions to other industries.

Strategies :
The results of matching are based on the reality and capacity of organization . The main problem is how think about yourself.As the results of our sample SWOT we can have these guidelines for business .

As we found the fast changes in the IT market effects the demand in IT educational market and this gives us key points to form business for better and lower cost.
1. Lower Cost for Higher Profit
To decrease the cost and also compatibility with the technological changes this institution must use virtualization technology. This type of networking (Foe example Citrix Solution) decreases the cost of Hardware and Software required to used
2. New Marketing and Online Education
Some people have Internet connection and they prefer to use good services in home with internet. E-Learning is one of the best solutions that some universities are using today and easily increases the segments in market also help to find the international students.
3. Focus on the Organizational relationships with  IT companies
Good relationship with IT companies and especially with MNC companies has more benefits for institution. At first it will improve the market and profit because of Corporate Training services for those companies. Second, to understand the new demand for professional skills in industry to design new courses. Third, it will help to the placement services to the students and more customer satisfaction.
4. English Education in Small Scale
English education for computer professional people helps to improve the skills and also attract new customer to join and use parallel education system .For example some freshers in India has communication problem and it helps them.


  1. Very good SWOT sample , I agree with final strategies . One of the best strategies from SWOT is the corporate training .

  2. hey thank u so much i have used these data for my project on it security,,,thanks alot

  3. discussions forms and opportunities for collegial networking and provincial and national functions. Engineering College