Key Indicators in Macroeconomics for MBA

Key Indicators in Macroeconomics
Before ,I wrote the importance of Macroeconomics for managers and  MBA Students , you can check it
 Microeconomic and macroeconomic Study in MBA  and  we discussed What is Macroeconomics and
Circulation .
Now , we go in depth with Macroeconomics factors or Indicators .In order to understand the dynamics of business environment it is essential to understand the nature of  key indicators of macroeconomic environment .
Effect of Macroeconomics in Business
Actually , managers are related to these impacts and they need to know how one indicator effected the economy or what is the result on the business . May be you ask  , some parts of business are  microeconomics, but I will say these factors have roots in macroeconomics . 
Internal factors for a business at first  are micro size but in a duration there are external impacts of environment on them . For  example , the consumption and market behavior for goods and commodities , there are two analysis  tools are called  the Cross elasticity and Income elasticity .
Macroeconomic key indicators in relation to Microeconomic factors
 Cross elasticity shows the substitution of a good  for related  good and Income elasticity shows the relation of income and demand for a good . In another hand these two factors show the consumption behavior for different levels of income . High level income then low demands for inferior goods and higher demands for a normal good. 
A market manager wants to make  decisions in different market segments and one important feature is income level .What is the major parameter for income level in economy ? The answer is GDP .
In detail GDP has details in production , income , .... . 
Another factors that effect the income , Inflation and Growth , and Employment .

  The key indicators of macroeconomics 
Indicators:   they are important variables , which show and reflect the state of economy . In another hand , they show how economy works healthy or sick . The impacts of Economy as the Environment for each business is clear . The simple evidence is " Business is an open system " .
Macroeconomics key indicators :
  • GDP or Gross Domestic Product 
  • Rate of Inflation 
  • Growth 
  • Employment and Unemployment 
  • Foreign Trade 
  • Exchange Rate 
  • Forex Reserve 
  • Money Supply  
  There are other indicators that we call  second group :
  • Sectoral Share 
  • Agricultural Output
  • Electricity Generation
  • Economic Infrastructure
  • Social Indicators 
Comparison in key indicators US, Euro, Japan ,China  
You can see also this book : Macroeconomics for MBA 's and Masters of Finance
In fact a business is an open system and will be affected with national and world economy . The GDP in simple way shows the 1.income level in country (purchase power) , 2. Economy power and trend( for investment) , 3.Government regulation and Investment  and so many other macroeconomics analysis.
Understanding the relation between micro and macro factors related to business is a powerful skill that some of  managers have and some of them do not . In recent complicated condition of world economy and Globalization effect on the world and country level economy , there is an innovation of managers to directly use the macro factors .
 It means for decision regulation or evaluation of alternative in decision , and monitoring the result it is good  to uses the macro factor with  micro factors .